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There is no better way to introduce myself as if today was my first day of school, so let’s go!

Hello, my name is Thomas Zardetto and I’m 24 years old, but next year I’m going to be 25! I live in Collalto a small town in the province of Treviso, sorrounded by the flourishing hills of Prosecco DOCG. At the moment I’m employed in a vintage shop selling a lot of vintage clothing and objects, but do not think even for a second that it’s the only thing I do :)

In 2013 I graduated as agroindustrial expert at the technical institute “ITA Cerletti” in Conegliano,with a thesis on the history of wine and from there I embarked on my journey of taste ... But I'll tell you about that while drinking a very good spritz :D


Immediately after graduation I entered the world of vintage, a choice completely opposed to my scholastic path, but that gives me many satisfactions. Getting up in the morning willing to do a job that always motivates you, makes you stay in touch with people, makes you know the history and the objects of the past is, in my opinion, a very important thing in everyone's daily life.

I'm a handyman, and I'm very proud of it.

The first thing I thought of when I was 16 was: looking for a job, buying with my strength everything I've never had as a child, going to live on my own... maybe in a villa with a pool where you can have parties with your friends and last, but certainly not least, TRAVEL. Actually, maybe the last thing is the most important in my life, because travelling changes you, after all the stress that everyday life brings you a trip makes you relax, makes you happy, and makes you understand people’s history and culture.


I remember a quote from a friend of mine ...

"I'll take you more often to the airport because now your smile is sincere"


And it is true, I repeat this sentence in my head every time I leave for a trip ... as I’m doing now that I am on the train to Forlì writing my "WHO I AM".


Travels, Friends, Music and Technology.

Four elements that represent everything I love and that has always fascinated me.

1. Traveling, the only source of inspiration for all the things I do in my life;

2. If there were no friends who take you out until 5 AM what life would it be?;

3. Music, which is never missing;

4. An incurable disease for technology, everything that comes out today I have it the next day... but just to try it :D.


One day without having thought of a travel, going out with friends,

listening to a song or using my laptop is a lost day.


Hello everyone! My name is Luna and if I had to find a few words to describe myself to be a very curious and passionate girl.

Curiosity and passion are the motivations that accompany me in everything I do in my life.

I try any kind of food and I try new flavors in every dish, even if at the end to make me happy just a cheeseburger with fries.


I study and read so much for passion and love for written words, to satisfy my desire to know new things and understand others. And in part I also do it to graduate.

Journey to discover new corners of the world, to walk in unfamiliar streets and to sunbathe in hidden beaches from the rest of the world.

I love the feeling of feeling the wheels of the plane detaching from the ground to bring you into a new reality that will give you new adventures and emotions. I love living emotions and I always try to live them every second.

I love the sea and the sun, but I also love diving into the sea at night when you can swim and admire the stars above you, perhaps because I have a special relationship with the Moon.

I love to photograph everything and print the photos to be able to hold them in their hands and jealously guard the memories that are enclosed in those images and to remember every time a new detail of that moment that otherwise would be lost.

I am very attached to the memories and the people who populate them because I think they are the ones who form the person I am and will be in the future.

I love to laugh so much and heartily,

I think laughing is good for the soul and that it is not a popular belief but that is the truth.

And if it is true that those who ride live 100 years, well then you have to put up with me a lot 'and you will continue to follow us on our travels to find out more about us and the wonderful places that this land gives us the opportunity to visit.

Thomas & Luna
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