Travel with us 

We are a very young couple of travelers, specialized in

last-minute travels.

You can leave without us or we can come with you :)


Our professional training?

1.  We leave

2.  We try everything

3.  We suggest you the best experiences.


We are ready for any of your requests, all we need is a smartphone, a pen and paper.


Thomas is very nice, sociable but if you try to cheat on him,

he gets very angry.

Maybe that's why he already has wrinkles.

Luna is smart, friendly but do not try to touch her food

or you will become it : D


We love the culture of each country, discover how a dish

is produced, being with people, getting lost in local music.


We feed on words, cookies and strong emotions.

In our opinion, traveling is the best excuse to avoid unnecessary chatter.

We talk all the time and it's hard to get bored with us.

Thomas & Luna
  • Professional travelers

  • Backpacker

  • Always ready

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